Parking deck waterproofing

Project: Waterproofing parking deck

Parking decks are increasingly being realized on top of roofs. This is also the case with this residential complex. On top of the underground parking garage, extra parking spaces are being realized. The entire deck will be waterproofed to prevent rising damp in the adjacent houses and leakage in the underground parking garage.

In addition to the concrete deck, all raised edges, outlets and other details must be waterproofed too. Our products connect seamlessly, so the entire deck will be one waterproof membrane. First, all details, outlets and raised edges are provided with a layer of Liquid Rubber HBS200. Where necessary, the Geotextile is used for extra reinforcement.

After this, the entire concrete deck and all the details are waterproofed with a layer Liquid Rubber BelowGrade. Due to the vulcanizing effect of our products, this turns into one waterproof membrane. After fully cured, isolation will be applied on top of the waterproof membrane and the finished with a layer concrete.