Industrial roof

Renovating industrial roof

Liquid Rubber can contribute to extending the lifespan of an existing roofing system. By using Liquid Rubber SprayGrade, a high-quality waterproof coating, the existing bitumen roof membrane is provided with a new protective seamless layer that adheres directly to the roof surface. Liquid Rubber SprayGrade is applied using a two-component spray system. The product is applied in a single operation, achieving the correct thickness, and ensuring high efficiency, enabling quick application.

The waterproof layer of Liquid Rubber forms a seamless and flexible seal on the roof surface. Liquid Rubber SprayGrade is fully UV resistant, protecting the roof against extreme weather conditions, chemicals, and other factors that can affect its lifespan. Liquid Rubber is applied cold, eliminating the need for open flames, ensuring a safe application at all times.

Liquid Rubber is water-based and does not contain solvents, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or harmful chemicals. As a result, it is a safe and environmentally friendly choice for roof renovations.