Liquid Rubber HBS200 is a universal sealant that can be used for waterproofing, air barrier and protection against corrosion. The Liquid Rubber coating adheres to almost every surface like concrete, stone, metal, bitumen, EPDM, wood, PVC and zinc. This allows the product to be used in many different situations when it comes to waterproofing or air barriers. The environmentally friendly products are non-toxic and free of VOC’s and friendly for the end-user. The resistance against all weather conditions, UV and chemicals, ensure that the products are very durable.

The product cures into a highly flexible coating with a durable flexibility of 900%. In combination with Geotextile the product can easily bridge gaps or joints and makes it perfect suitable for surfaces with different expansion levels. HBS200 suits perfectly for sealing ventilation openings, roof drains, walls, up stands or to repair cracks and joints.

HBS200 is an easy applied single component product. The liquid coating can be applied by means of a brush, roller, trowel or airless spray system. For the quick seal, Liquid Rubber HBS200 is the right product to use!

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