AB Sealant

Liquid Rubber AB Sealant is an elastomeric styrene emulsion. This white 1-component coating has been specially developed for creating air barriers on the inside of facades. Liquid Rubber AB Sealant is easy to apply, has a high elasticity and is immediately ready for paint or stucco.

Liquid Rubber AB Sealant adheres to many substrates and is perfect for sealing window frames, floor-wall connections, prefabricated element joints, pipes and outlets, cracks and joints, etc. For the best result apply in one or two layers. Liquid Rubber AB Sealant is applied cold by brush, roller or airless spray system.

This quick setting coating provides excellent strength, elasticity and adhesion. Liquid Rubber AB Sealant is fully UV-resistant, environmentally friendly and solvent-free.

white concrete coating
white coating window frames
white air barrier rubber