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Liquid Coating


Liquid Rubber provides a durable quality for waterproofing, air barriers and surface protection.

Liquid Rubber Europe supplies a range of environmentally friendly Liquid Rubber coatings that can be applied in all kind of situations.

Liquid Rubber projects

For many years, the coatings from Liquid Rubber Europe are being used in all kinds of challenging projects involving to waterproofing. Our certified applicators, construction companies, crafts men have realized a long list of projects from renovations to new construction projects.

Unique characteristics

The quality is unequalled, the application easy and the protection is sustainable.

  • waterproof, vaportight, air barrier and gastight.
  • strong, seamless and fully adherent to the surface.
  • perfect adhesion on light wet surfaces.
  • environmentally friendly and contains no VOC’s or other toxics.
  • high elasticity (up to 900%!).
  • sustainable.
  • resistant against large temperature fluctuations (-40 °C to +160 °C).
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Order Liquid Rubber HBS200 online in our webshop

Liquid Rubber HBS200 can be ordered directly online in our web shop. Especially for the DIY and the smaller construction companies, the product is available in 1 and 5 liter containers.

Liquid Rubber can easily be applied in many different kind of projects. The Liquid coatings are easy to apply by means of a brush, roller or trowel. The product cures into a seamless membrane that is fully adhering to the surface. Liquid Rubber HBS200 protects the surface against water, erosion, UV, chemicals and corrosion.

We don’t charge any shipping costs and if you order your Liquid Rubber products before 15:00 hours, you will receive your order the next working day.

About Liquid Rubber Europe

The Liquid Rubber coatings are now being used for many years in the infrastructure and industrial projects.

Liquid Rubber Europe is the European partner of The Liquid Rubber coatings. Liquid Rubber Europe distributes a unique and patterned line of “smart” coatings with a wide range of application possibilities. All the coatings are fully environmentally friendly.

With a large distribution network, the Liquid Rubber coatings are used all over Europe in many different circumstances.

  • 1991 | Development Liquid Rubber

    The liquid protective coatings called Liquid Rubber are developed in Canada.

  • 2011 | Founding Liquid Rubber Europe

    Liquid Rubber Europe becomes the European partner of Liquid Rubber organization for the distribution of the liquid rubber coatings called Liquid Rubber.

  • Present | European & African distribution network

    Present-day Liquid Rubber Europe distributes the liquid coating of Liquid Rubber throughout whole Europe, South Africa and Namibië.

Technical Support

Training program

Besides supplying coatings, Liquid Rubber Europe also provides all kind of training and education regarding the products.

Onsite support

If needed, Liquid Rubber Europe offers support with the application of the Liquid Rubber products on the jobsite.

Technical advice

Liquid Rubber Europe has an internal technical support department that offers tailor made advice for every specific project. Please contact or e-mail to if you have any technical questions.