Fish pond

Project: Waterproofing a fish pond
Description of the project:
Liquid Rubber has proven to be a perfect sealant for swimming- and fish ponds. This client wanted a high quality waterproofing solution for two ponds. Because these ponds contained many difficult corners and edges, the liquid system of Liquid Rubber was perfectly suited for this job.

First he ponds were cleaned very thouroughly with a power wash system. Afterwards the Liquid Rubber HBS200 combined with Geotextile was applied to seal all the cracks and joints in the pond. Liquid Rubber SprayGrade was later applied in a dry thickness of 2mm to ensure a fully seamless and flexible waterproofing membrane.

A very effective method to waterproof a pond in a durable way. Because Liquid Rubber is fully environmentally friendly, it does not harm the fish or plants at all.