Schipholtunnel II

Project: Sealing Schipholtunnel
Description of the project:
In 2010 Liquid Rubber was consulted to seal the dilatations in the concrete deck of the Schiphol tunnel. Schiphol was very pleased with the result because it is still waterproofed. This is why Liquid Rubber could seal all the dilatations again during a renovation of an other part of the tunnel.

The deck was stripped up to the concrete where the dilatations where exposed. The dilatations had a width of 5cm and where 50cm deep.

First the dilatations and the conrete where well cleaned. HBS200 was applied in the full dilatation. Afterwards HBS200 was applied with geotextile to bridge the dilatation. A second layer of HBS200 was applied on top of the geotextile to seal the entire dilatation.

Liquid Rubber ensures an extreme flexible sealant in this project. Beacause the airplanes taxi over this bridge, the pressure is enormous. Liquid Rubber ensures a durable flexibility and can easily cover the pressure.

A beautiful project where we, Liquid Rubber Europe, are very proud of.