Sealing foundation

Project: Sealing foundation with Liquid Rubber HBS200
Description project:
The sealing of two different but connected surfaces, is often difficult for a lot of sealants, caused by the different expansion coefficient of both surfaces. There will be a lot of motion action at the transition point, which most sealants can not manage.
However, Liquid Rubber products have the special characteristic of a lasting flexibility of 900%. Combined with the perfect adhesion, Liquid Rubber products will provide an easy and durable solution for these difficult transition points.

At this job, the foundation was excavated and thoroughly cleanded with a high pressure washer. After this, Liquid Rubber HBS200 was applied on the transition point between the concrete foundation and the facade of steel, with an airless pump unit.
On the connection point Liquid Rubber HBS200 was strenghtened with Geotextiel and then the whole surface was sprayed with the second layer of Liquid Rubber HBS200.

A very nice workmanship which provides a durable waterproofing solution for this difficult detail.