Waterproofing concrete deck

Wonen aan de Dommel – Netherlands

In the traditional Brabant municipality of Sint-Michielsgestel, the center is undergoing a major renovation. The historic center was very outdated, many shops and restaurants were scattered throughout the village. The new center originated from the desire to create a cozy environment where a balance is sought between serenity and activity. Something that fits in well with the Brabant character of the area.

The plan consists of two residential buildings with 55 apartments, a commercial plinth with, among other things, a supermarket and an underground parking garage located under both buildings. The roof of this parking garage is waterproofed using Liquid Rubber BelowGrade. This liquid coating is applied with the two-component spray system. By using this system, a high daily production can be achieved. In addition, difficult details on different surfaces can easily be sealed seamless. On top of the waterproofed concrete deck, a town square will be created that connects the two residential buildings.