Waterproofing balcony

Project: Waterproofing balcony with Liquid Rubber BelowGrade
Description: Liquid Rubber BelowGrade ensures full waterproofing on balconies.

Some balconies need some extra attention when it comes to waterproofing. Especially when there is a garage underneath the balcony, leakages need to be prevented.

At this new construction, waterproofing is an import matter because there is a garage built underneath. The entire balcony, that is fully concrete, is sealed with a 2mm thick layer of Liquid Rubber BelowGrade. All the connections to the facade and up-stands are directly covered by this system. Because the Liquid Rubber products are liquid applied, it cures into a fully seamless and flexible membrane.

At a later stage the balcony was covered with tile flooring.