Roof waterproofing

Project: Roofing with  Liquid Rubber SprayGrade.
Description: One of the many unique characteristics of Liquid Rubber is that the products bonds to almost every surface. This feature combined with a lasting flexibility of 900% makes it perfectly suitable to bridge from one surface to another.

This concrete roof has wooden up-stands and that makes it normally a difficult surface to waterproof. Liquid Rubber has an easy way of installing with a very high quality.
First of all, the up-stands were treated with Liquid Rubber HBS200 combined with Geotextile. A second layer of HBS200 was installed directly after to ensure a waterproofing. Afterwards, Liquid Rubber SprayGrade was applied in a 2mm thick layer on the entire surface. This product realizes a fully waterproofed, UV resistant and flexible membrane when it is cured.
A rather easy but high-quality way of waterproofing a situation like this.