Compost hall

Project: Protecting a metal compost hall
Description of the project:
Composting is probably one of the oldest natural recycling processes. Composting takes place by the activity of bacteria and fungi, which are naturally present in the organic material. Compost or manure storage is an active process involving many harmful substances, such as acids. These acids are a problem because they affect the containers in which the substances are stored. Many coatings or foils are simply ‘eaten’ and also the concrete or metal are not resistant to the harmful effects of the acids.

Also in this case the compost is affecting the storage. To prevent this, a Liquid Rubber applicator coated the storage with the Corrosion Primer and the MineCoat of Liquid Rubber.

First the metal surface was thoroughly cleaned and al the dirt and grease was removed. Then the surface was treated with two layers of the Corrosion Primer. The Corrosion Primer converts the rust into carbon complexes that block the entry of oxyen. That way it stops the corrosion process. After the Corrosion Primer was fully dry, the total surface was coated with the two component coating MineCoat.

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