Sealing concrete

Project: Airtight sealing on Curaçao with Liquid Rubber HBS200
Description project: The high quality Liquid Rubber is appreciated in many places in the world. For example, Liquid Rubber has been used for a long time on the Caribbean Island of Curaçao. A Dutch construction company (Ballast Nedam) is building a hospital with a high quality materials and building standarts. Liquid Rubber HBS200 is used for a high quality seal around the window frames.

Liquid Rubber HBS200 is brushed into the inside of the window frames. If necessary, this layer is armed with GeoTextile for a possible seam bridging. Then a second layer of HBS200 is added onto the GeoTextile. This way a simple but high quality air seal is created around the window frames. Due to the simple way of applying the product, a local construction worker was able to do the job.

A very beautiful project with a tropical touch. Liquid Rubber is proud that we can contribute to this project.