Waterproofing basement with Liquid Rubber HBS200

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Waterproofing basement with Liquid Rubber HBS200
Both in residential and non- residential buildings, cellars are always a challenge when it comes to a good waterproofing. A basement has various critical connections, such as the concrete connection and for example the vertical joints. Sealing these critical connections are extremely necessary.

In this housing project, the client has chosen to seal only the most critical connections. A concrete surface should always be carefully cleaned so that the concrete veil is completely removed. After cleaning the basement, Liquid Rubber HBS200 is applied directly to the surface. This 1-component product does not require a primer, which makes it very easy to apply. Liquid Rubber HBS200 can be applied with a brush, roller or spray system. First of all, the concrete connection joint is fully covered with HBS200 and directly armed with a Geotextile. This ensures a strong connection from the foundation to basement wall. Then, a second layer of HBS200 is applied over the Geotextile. Liquid Rubber HBS200 has a lasting flexibility of 900% and can easily handle the movements in the basement.

At this project, Liquid Rubber realizes full and sustainable waterproofing at the critical connections of the cellar.

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