Waterproofing water storages with Liquid Rubber SprayGrade

Project: Waterproofing water storages with Liquid Rubber SprayGrade.
Description: South Africa is experiencing a mayor problem when it comes to drinking water. The water storage is so low that households are obligated to save water so that the buffer will not run out of water. Huge dams store rain- and mountain water. This water is being filtered into drinking water. A lot of wine fields have their own water storage for their own use. It is very important, that these water storages, do not leak. Liquid Rubber is perfect suited to seal the entire storages.

Liquid Rubber SprayGrade is applied on the entire inside of the storage with a thickness of 2mm. Liquid Rubber SprayGrade is fully waterproof and 100% UV resistant.

This way the the entire storages are fully waterproofed. Not a single drop of water will be spilled in these difficult times in South Africa.

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