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Who, what, where?

Project: Waterproofing terrace with Liquid Rubber HBS200
Description: Waterproofing concrete is an essential sealing. Often, leakages occur underneath the tiles on terraces. Moist gets under the tiles and will incline the concrete or the connection to the facade. Liquid Rubber can prevent this with a durable waterproofing sealant.

Liquid Rubber HBS-200 is applied on the thorough cleaned surface. The connections to the surrounding walls and facade are being strengthened with geotextile. After this, a second layer of Liquid Rubber is being applied. This will get a seamless waterproofing membrane from the connections to the concrete surface.

When the Liquid Rubber is cured, the tiles will be layed on their carriers. The Liquid Rubber membrane won’t be visable anymore, but its important waterproofing solution will be realized.

A beatiful project done by the certified applicator of Liquid Rubber

Project: Sealing foundation with Liquid Rubber HBS200

Description: The sealing of two different but connected surfaces, is often difficult for a lot of sealants, caused by the different expansion coefficient of both surfaces. There will be a lot of motion action at the transition point, which most sealants can not manage.

However, Liquid Rubber products have the special characteristic of a lasting flexibility of 900%. Combined with the perfect adhesion, Liquid Rubber products will provide an easy and durable solution for these difficult transition points.

At this job, the foundation was excavated and thoroughly cleanded with a high pressure washer. After this, Liquid Rubber HBS200 was applied on the transition point between the concrete foundation and the facade of steel, with an airless pump unit.
On the connection point Liquid Rubber HBS200 was strenghtened with Geotextiel and then the whole surface was sprayed with the second layer of Liquid Rubber HBS200.

A very nice workmanship which provides a durable waterproofing solution for this difficult detail.

Project: Sealant for prefabricated elements with Liquid Rubber HBS200

Description: Prefabricated construction is a well known concept in Europe and is still growing. Prefabricated systems provide a minimalisation of assembly- and construction time at the construction site, which is very cost efficient. Although many sealants are done within the plant, during manufactoring the prefabricated elements, there still remain joints which need to be sealed during the assembly of the elements.

At this job the bottom side of the prefab elements needed to be sealed. By doing this, the elements are protected against possible moisture entering. As shown on the pictures, the elements are being lifted and then the Liquid Rubber HBS200 is being applied on the bottom side of the elements. After this, the element is being placed and assembled.

Liquid Rubber HBS200 can easily being applied with a brush, as shown on the pictures.

A rapid, but efficient and durable sealing solution.

Review building Holland

On 11, 12 en 13 April, Liquid Rubber was presented at the trade show called Building Holland in Amsterdam. This is a specific trade show with durability as a highly valuated theme. Due to this theme Liquid Rubber had to attend this trade show.

We experienced three most interesting days and we would like to thank everybody for their shown interest in our company and products and for visiting our booth.
In case you would have any questions about Liquid Rubber and our durable solutions, you can alway contact us by e-mial at or by telephone +31 297 58 78 66

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