Newsletter #61 – November 2017

Every month we give you an update on the most interesting events of the past month. This can be completed projects, an interview with an Liquid Rubber applicator, an update of our sponsor activities and many more. Some complete projects are large (in terms of volume), others are smaller, but this way you get an impression of the many possibilities with Liquid Rubber.

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Who, what, where?

Project: Sealing a balcony with Liquid Rubber BelowGrade

Description: A balcony always gets exposed to water and temperature fluctuations. Therefore, it is very important to realize a good waterproofing before a finishing layer is installed.

At this balcony, the up-stands were pretreated with Liquid Rubber HBS200 combined with Geotextile. After the Geotextile was placed in the HBS200, a second layer of HBS200 was applied directly on top. This way, this critical detail is fully waterproofed.

Afterwards, the entire surface was treated with a spray applied layer of Liquid Rubber BelowGrade. Liquid Rubber BelowGrade was chosen because the surface is going to be finished off with a tile layer so Liquid Rubber will get no UV exposure. Liquid Rubber HBS200 and Liquid Rubber BelowGrade vulcanize into a fully seamless membrane that ensure an extreme high flexibility of 900%. When the product is cured, a cemented based tile glue was installed and the tiles were placed on top of the Liquid Rubber membrane.

A high-quality waterproofing under the tile system that will last for many years.

Belowgrade Balcony

Project: Roofing with Liquid Rubber SprayGrade.

Description: One of the many unique characteristics of Liquid Rubber is that the products bonds to almost every surface. This feature combined with a lasting flexibility of 900% makes it perfectly suitable to bridge from one surface to another.

This concrete roof has wooden up-stands and that makes it normally a difficult surface to waterproof. Liquid Rubber has an easy way of installing with a very high quality.

First of all, the up-stands were treated with Liquid Rubber HBS200 combined with Geotextile. A second layer of HBS200 was installed directly after to ensure a waterproofing. Afterwards, Liquid Rubber SprayGrade was applied in a 2mm thick layer on the entire surface. This product realizes a fully waterproofed, UV resistant and flexible membrane when it is cured.

A rather easy but high-quality way of waterproofing a situation like this.

SprayGrade Waterproofing

Revopur Introduction day

As you might have heard, we have introduced a new line of innovative products alongside Liquid Rubber named Revopur. This range of innovative polyaspartic products are fully environmentally friendly, quick curing, and are perfect fit for balconies, terraces, dilatations and drivable areas like parking decks and parking garages.

Last Thursday the entire day was about Revopur. In our new showroom, we hosted many guests divided in 4 sessions. These guests received a presentation, demonstration and tour in our showroom about Revopur. This was all combined with food and beverages of course.

The introduction day was a huge success and we would like to thank everybody for their time, effort and interest in the new Revopur system.

If you have any questions about Revopor, please ask them via or via +31297-587868. Pictures below will give you an impression of the Revopur introduction day.

Revopur Presentation

Annoucing our new team member

You are used from us that we always introduce a new team member. For two months, we have strengthened our team with a new colleague; Remco van Es. Remco is joining the team on the marketing division and is specialized in video, photography, online marketing and animation. Remco has done a tremendous job for the last two months so we are certain to say that he is a true added value to the Liquid Rubber team.

We would like to wish Remco all the luck and joy and hope that he will be with us for many years.

Remco van Es

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