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Who, what, where?

Project: Balcony details with Liquid Rubber HBS200
Description: Leaking balconies is a very comon problem. In many situations, a bitumen was burned on top of the conrete and the connection to the facade. Because this connection always has some movement, cracks in the bitumen occur very often after some years. These cracks usually result into leakages at the facade connection. That was also the problem with this project.

To seal this connection again, an applicator of Liquid Rubber was assigned to the job. The surface was cleaned and the Liquid Rubber HBS200 was applied combined with a Geotextile. Afterwards a second layer of Liquid Rubber HBS200 was applied. Liquid Rubber HBS200 has a perfect adhesion on the roofing and the facade. Because the product has a flexibility of 900%, Liquid Rubber is the perfect product for the job.

The leakages are solved and the customer is very satisfied. Nice job by the Liquid Rubber applicator!


Let’s introduce someone…

Clemens is the new Liquid Rubber representative for the Eastern part of The Netherlands. Clemens can provide you with information, advice or a product demonstration. Of course can you also place your orders with Clemens.

If you have a question for Clemens, you can contact him at +316 11 21 28 44 or via

We would like to wish Clemens a lot of success and we hope that we’ll have a long and productive cooperation.