Newsletter June

Every month we give you an update on the most interesting events of the past month. This can be completed projects, an interview with an Liquid Rubber applicator, an update of our sponsor activities and many more. Some complete projects are large (in terms of volume), others are smaller, but this way you get an impression of the many possibilities with Liquid Rubber.

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Who, what, where?

Project: Foundation waterproofing
Description: Liquid Rubber is very often used to waterproof foundations. In this project, Liquid Rubber HBS200 was spray applied directly on the surface. A geotextile was placed in the Liquid Rubber to bridge the joint. A second layer of Liquid Rubber HBS200 was sprayed over the geotextile.

This system cures into a seamless and fully waterproof membrane that keeps all the water outside.


Construction holiday…?

These days, the traditional construction holiday doesn’t exist anymore. To stop building in the best weather period of the year sounds a bit lunatic. That is why we, Liquid Rubber Europe, are available as always. You can contact us for questions, help, advice, orders or for all the other services you are used to have from us.

For those that are going on a holiday this month. We would like to wish you a very pleasant holiday!