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Who, what, where?

Project: Air barrier with Liquid Rubber HBS200
Descripton: At a newbuild housing project “Eco Park” Liquid Rubber was chosen to seal all the connections around the window frames. These full zero energy houses need of course a durable air barrier seal that Liquid Rubber realizes. The fact that Liquid Rubber is 100% environmentally friendly, is a big plus in this project.

Liquid Rubber HBS200 is spray applied on the connection window frame to prefab concrete. Liquid Rubber dries out into a very flexible and air tight membrane.

A very quick and effective way of sealing. We are happy that Liquid Rubber can be of an added value on this “green” project.


3D air barrier with Liquid Rubber

Air barrier building is a hot item all over Europe. Easy said; to seal all the joints to prevent unwanted airflow in the construction. In this way the energy loss is minimalized.

Liquid Rubber HBS200 is very much used as an air barrier sealant. It is easy and very effective. The product adheres on light wet surfaces, adheres to all surfaces and is very easy applied by means of brush or spray system. Because of the high flexibility of 900%, Liquid Rubber is very durable.

The product can be used to seal the connection between window frame to wall, foundation to wall, outlets, joints of prefab elements and many more.

This easy way of sealing is displayed in the video below. In this video you can see how easy Liquid Rubber can be applied. The application can also be done with a brush.

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