Facade sealing

  • Facade sealant
  • Facade seams sealant
  • Floor-wall connection sealant
  • Liquid Sealant
  • wall-ceiling connection sealant
Vloeibaar rubber

Wall – ceiling connection

A very common air leak is the connection at the point where the wall and ceiling meet each other. This connection needs to be sealed in order to stop unwanted air streams. Because Liquid Rubber adheres to almost every surface, it can easily be used to seal a wall-ceiling connection. Liquid Rubber HBS200 ensures a durable and highly flexible (900%) sealant.

Floor – wall connection

Just like the ceiling-wall connection, the joint between floor and wall is also a critical air leak. Liquid Rubber HBS200 can, ensure on the same efficient way, a solid air barrier. If this situation exists of two different surfaces, that is not a problem for Liquid Rubber because of its perfect bond to many surfaces.

Element seams

Lately, many facades are built out of prefab elements. These elements are attached to another but there always contain joints in between. These joints can leak air in- and out of the construction. To ensure an airtight building, these joints needs to be sealed. Liquid Rubber HBS200, combined with Geotextile, can ensure an airtight seal on these joints. This way, un-controlled airflows can be prevented.